Rock greats from Sacramento, CA Will Haven will be back on Mar.23rd with their sixth full length ‘Muerte’ through Minus Head Records.  Will Haven has been able to blend in Metal, Hardcore, and Alternative since 1995 and holding on to the underground scene by the throat with such a unique sound and with ‘Muerte’ it will only squeeze tighter. Guitarist Jeff Irwin added: “It felt like a rebirth. It sounds like a whole new band. There’s a chemistry that only the four of us can achieve. Who knows what’s next, but this is everything we were always meant to be on a record.”  Irwin also co-produced the 11 tracks that make up ‘Muerte’. Will Heaven recently released ‘El Sol’ guest produced and performed with Stephen Carpenter of Deftones. See below along with upcoming shows.

Will Haven upcoming shows:

3/23 Sacramento, CA @ Holy Diver – Album release show $10 or $15 with signed CD 

 5/4 Fullerton, CA @ Programme Skate & Sound w/ Fake Figures

5/5 San Diego, CA @ Brick by Brick w/ Fake Figures

5/6 Hollywood, CA @ The Viper Room w/ Fake Figures

6/23 Portland OR @ Star Theater w/ Witch Mountain

Muerte track list: 

1. Hewed With the Brand                  
2. Winds of Change               
3. Kinney                  
4. The Son                
5. 43             
6. No Escape (feat. Mike Scheidt of YOB)     
7. Unit K                   
8. Ladwig No. 949                
9. Bootstraps             
10. Now in the Ashes              
11. El Sol (co-written with/feat. Stephen Carpenter of Deftones)